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Japaneze fonts

From: Blandine Fichet-F042959 <Blandine.Fichet@fr.michelin.com>
Date: 12 Dec 2006 18:34:57 +0100
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I try to use Japaneze fonts with Apache-fop 0.92, and it is running...
But because, in Japaneze, there is no space character between two words,  FOP
don't split my text into several lines.
I find a "Japanized patch" for Apache-fop 0.20, but I don't find one for
Apache-fop 0.92 that is very recent.
Perhaps there is a solution with the attributes: white-space, country, language,
but I don't succeed in using them.
Can you help me about Japaneze fonts in Apache 0.92 ?
Thanks !

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Blandine Fichet
Michelin STE-SI/IGT
01 45 66 13 05
Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2006 20:57:27 UTC

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