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RE: Several sections of 2-column text per page possible?

From: Paul Grosso <pgrosso@arbortext.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 11:05:29 -0500
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To: "David Carlisle" <davidc@nag.co.uk>
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> Subject: Re: Several sections of 2-column text per page possible?
>   Beautiful.  "span" doesn't take an integer.  Does that mean 
> that there
>   is no way to have different text blocks to have different numbers of
>   columns?
> my reading of the spec is that you just have all or none so you can't
> have a three column doc and just span two columns.
> What isn't clear to me from the spec is whether what I posted is
> _forced_ (or even allowed) to produce the effect you want.
> maybe someone "on the inside" could comment on whether given
> > <fo:block span="all">block 1</fo:block>
> > <fo:block span="none">[text]</fo:block>
> > <fo:block span="all">block 2</fo:block>
> > <fo:block span="none">[text]</fo:block>
> > <fo:block span="all">block 3</fo:block>
> > <fo:block span="none">[text]</fo:block>
> > 
> the <fo:block span="none">[text]</fo:block> bits should (or can) be
> wrapped to two columns, or whether the system is allowed (or must) put
> it all in the first column (leaving the second column empty).

I haven't been following this thread closely, and I'm not the
SG's expert in this area, but I believe a careful reading
about span-reference-areas in the XSL spec would imply that a
multicolumn section must be "balanced" (my term) when followed
by a spanned section.  I'm quite sure, however, that the spec 
is silent about "balancing" a multicolumn section followed by 
a forced page break (e.g., the end of a chapter).

I understand most implementations do not balance prior to a 
forced page break.  However, since most of our customers expect
balancing at forced page breaks, Arbortext's implementation 
does generally balance in this case, though we have an 
extension property to produce unbalanced results.

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