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Re: FW: Global Church Financing "Sound Offer"

From: Mark Lundquist <ml@wrinkledog.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 05:22:42 -0700
To: "W3C XSL-FO Mailing list" <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20A9E818-F01C-11D7-A802-000A95908E0E@wrinkledog.com>

On Friday, September 26, 2003, at 02:48 AM, Robin Harvey wrote:

> What the hell does this have to do with XSL-FO???

Nothing, obviously...

>   I thought i'd signed up for an interesting and helpfull mailing 
> list, not a Christian indoctrination system.

What kind of "indoctrination system" would you prefer?

>   Please make sure i don't recieve any more of these spam emails.

Why are you blathering to the list about this?  What "in charge" person 
do you think is going to read your message and take care of this for 
you?  In any case, yesterday (after getting this spam) I unsubscribed 
the list address from that mailing list, just by following the opt-out 
link that was included in the email... just as you yourself could have 
done (I'm just another list member).

If you're so upset about it, follow that link anyway... it'll take you 
to the email vendor's (constantcontact.com's) opt-out form, which has a 
link to their abuse report form.

Mark Lundquist

> Robin 'hoppin mad' Harvey
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