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FW: Global Church Financing "Sound Offer"

From: Robin Harvey <rh@harrogatesoftware.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:48:13 +0100
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Global Church Financing "Sound Offer"What the hell does this have to do with
XSL-FO???  I thought i'd signed up for an interesting and helpfull mailing
list, not a Christian indoctrination system.  Please make sure i don't
recieve any more of these spam emails.

Robin 'hoppin mad' Harvey

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Subject: Global Church Financing "Sound Offer"


           Dear Esteemed Church Leaders,
                  As you all know Global Church Financing is the leader in
equipment financing for churches nationwide. With the great expectations
that you have all grown to expect from Global Church Financing, today we
bring you a great opportunity. Global Church Financing has partnered with
Harman Professional Systems, the world leader in sound systems. Harman has
worked with many churches over the years. Alongside Global, they have
designed three (3) church sound systems that would appeal to the more
demanding sound needs at the most affordable price without compromising the
best in quality. These packages will serve the needs for both your
liturgical and music programs serving sanctuary gatherings of 250 - 750

                  To the right you will see a brief description on Harman
and their three (3) new sound systems. If any of these systems are of
interest to you, or you would just like to understand a little more about
how they work, or you are interested in how to get one, please click on any
of the pictures or articles to be directed to some more detailed

                  I hope you can all benefit from this great opportunity. If
you have any further questions or concerns or are also intrested on how to
get one of the System Solution Packages financed please contact us here at
Global by calling us at 212-480-4900, send us an email from the link below
or just visit our website. Once again Global is here to help you get any
equipment your growing church needs to continue spreading the good word.

                  Respectfully Yours,

                  Marc Dushey
                  V.P. Global Church Financing

                  email: marc@globalchurchfinancing.com
                  voice: 212-480-4900
                  web: http://www.globalchurchfinancing.com

                  The Harman Pro Group, a division of Harman International
Industries Incorporated, is the industry leader in professional audio. We
design, manufacture and market the highest quality, best performing, audio
products for a wide-range of professional applications. Our electronics
components (i.e., microphones, mixing consoles, processing systems,
recording equipment, DSP systems, amplifiers and loudspeakers) can be found
in houses of worship, premier stadiums, concert halls, cinemas, theme parks,
as well as broadcast and recording studios throughout the world. The Harman
Pro Group encompasses an impressive portfolio of market leading brands. With
these tools, we are uniquely equipped to provide complete audio systems
solutions that offer our customers high levels of performance, reliability
and flexibility. We have designed these three (3) systems to meet the
growing demand for high quality sound, high quality product at an affordable
price that lets every house of worship have a great sound system. Please
read each system description and see if any are right for your church.
"Perfect For The Spoken Word"

                  SYSTEM SOLUTION 1 "clarity of the spoken word" in
liturgical programs comes from the selection of appropriate microphones for
the use by the pastor and other presenters, interconnected with easy-to-use
room set-up system, and combined with properly located and powered, high
performance loudspeakers. SYSTEM SOLUTION 1 is designed around the
state-of-the-art JBL Pro AE-Series loudspeakers to provide a simple and cost
effective package. SystemSolution1 includes AKG dynamic microphones with
stands, one wireless lavaliere microphone, a flexible, Soundcraft-designed,
16-channel mixing console with Lexicon processing, Crown CTs power
amplifier, dbx DriveRack digital system intelligence, and a complete package
of accessories, that is perfect for the small church's needs.
SystemSolution1: MSRP $12,500 Special Global Church Financing Pricing From
$9,999 + installation
                  "Let Us Add Traditional Music"

                  SYSTEM SOLUTION 2 adding traditional music enhances your
congregation's experience, but puts additional demands on sound system
performance. With enhancements to support your choir, along with piano or
organ, the System Solution 2 combines the ease-of-use and quality
performance of the System Solution 1, which enhances low-frequency sound
using a JBL Pro AE-series subwoofer, and two additional JBL Pro AE-series
fill-speakers to ensure good listening throughout the sanctuary. In
addition, SystemSolution2 adds expanded Crown-amplification for higher
levels of power, and supplemental JBL Pro ceiling-recessed speakers for
ancillary areas like lobbies and cry rooms. System Solution 2: MSRP $19,999
Special Global Church Financing Pricing From $15,999 + installation  "Move
Up to Contemporary Music"

                  SYSTEM SOLUTION 3 Contemporary Music Services demand even
greater added performance, with powerful and uplifting sound quality.
Upgrading to JBL Pro 3-way AE-series main speakers, dual-driver subwoofer,
AE fill speakers, JBL Control Contractor delay speakers, and expanded
digital processing using dbx DriveRack technology, gives perfect support for
the addition of guitar, bass, drums, and other musical instruments. The
powerful SystemSolution3 solution further enhances the performance of
SystemSolutions2 with additional wireless AKG microphones, and JBL Pro
monitor/foldback speakers for the performers. SystemSolution3 also increases
the number of JBL Pro ceiling-recessed speakers to serve areas like dining
rooms and fellowship/meeting rooms. SystemSolution3: MSRP $33,500 Special
Global Church Financing Pricing From $27,999 + installation

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