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Re: svg from Adobe Illustrator and FOP

From: Mike Akerman <mike@cavern.uark.edu>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 10:36:27 -0600 (CST)
To: Kevin Flynn <kevin.flynn@birdstep.com>
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I've not tried exactly that, but I've tried to run the Batik SVG examples
in the Adobe SVG viewer, and found it a pretty educational experience.
Once I modified a couple to work in both viewers, I had a better idea of
what the two products support.  I made my tweaks by hand, but you could
like make an XSLT document to rearrange Illustrator output to FOP/Batik
compatible output.

Its been a couple versions since I've tried that sort of thing, so having
the newest copies of all the products might likely ease things for you,
though as a fair warning, at least half of the SVG documents I tried would
not work in both products.

					Michael Akerman


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On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, Kevin Flynn wrote:

> Does anybody have any experience of including SVG files generated from Adobe
> Illustrator in FOP files?
> Illustrator has options for embedding fonts in the output SVG, but FOP (or
> Batik, I suppose) chokes on this. If I don't embed fonts, but use
> Illustrator's "Use system fonts" option, then the text in the output looks
> terrible (the positioning is all wrong). An alternative approach that works
> is to create SVG font definitions using batik's ttf2svg utility and manually
> embed the font definitions into the Illustrator output. This works OK but is
> rather labor intensive. Does anybody know a better way? Why won't fop/batik
> accept the font definitions embedded by Illustrator?
> Best regards
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> Kevin Flynn
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