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Re: A question about fo:block and linebreaks

From: G. Ken Holman <gkholman@cranesoftwrights.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 18:04:00 +0100
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To: www-xsl-fo@w3.org
At 01/11/03 21:15 -0500, John Ericson wrote:
>This *mess* contains of 3 lines which ofcourse ends with linebreaks. The
>question is: How can I make fo render this linebreaks in the code as
>correct linebreaks in the output. Right now fo just renders all the text
>on *one* line. Is there a commando for this such as <br/> in xhtml?

Yes, use an empty block: <block/>

>Or do I
>have to have each line in its own fo:block?

No.  Since the block construct breaks the flow in the block-progression 
direction, an empty block acts just like <br/> in XHTML.

Flowing the following:

     <block>This is a test<block/>with a line break</block>


     This is a test
     with a line break

I hope this helps.

.......................... Ken

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