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Namespace node for xml prefix?

From: Tony Graham <tkg@menteith.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 08:16:19 -0400 (EST)
Message-ID: <14948.15251.188000.275205@menteith.com>
To: www-xpath-comments@w3.org
The first sentence in Section 5.4, Namespace Nodes, of
REC-xpath-19991116 states:

  Each element has an associated set of namespace nodes, one for each
  distinct namespace prefix that is in scope for the element
  (including the xml prefix, which is implicitly declared by the XML
  Namespaces Recommendation [XML Names]) and one for the default
  namespace if one is in scope for the element.

Section 5.4 also states:

  This means that an element will have a namespace node:

   - for every attribute on the element whose name starts with xmlns:;

   - for every attribute on an ancestor element whose name starts
     xmlns: unless the element itself or a nearer ancestor redeclares
     the prefix;

   - for an xmlns attribute, if the element or some ancestor has an
     xmlns attribute, and the value of the xmlns attribute for the
     nearest such element is non-empty

The namespace node for the xml prefix does not appear on the list even
though the first sentence includes it among the namespace prefixes in
scope for the element.

Does an element have a namespace node for the xml prefix or not?


Tony Graham.
Received on Tuesday, 16 January 2001 08:14:29 UTC

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