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Section 3.5

From: Excoffier, Denis <Denis.Excoffier@eurocopter.fr>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 14:27:07 +0100
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To: "'www-xpath-comments@w3.org'" <www-xpath-comments@w3.org>
Cc: "Excoffier, Denis" <Denis.Excoffier@eurocopter.fr>, "'Denis.Excoffier@ens.fr'" <Denis.Excoffier@ens.fr>
Please change the examples for the "mod" operator to use the modulus 3 in
order to clearly state that the "mathematical" definition of mod should
never be used. This is not the case in "mod 2" because, for example, the
following two operations, applied on the same argument 1 reach the same
result (-1):
- take the opposite
- subtract the modulus
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