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[Bug 8119] defaultAttributes and complexType extension/restriction don't play nice

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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 23:58:02 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from C. M. Sperberg-McQueen <cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com>  2009-10-30 23:58:01 ---
Having looked at this for a while, I agree with the analysis of the examples in
the description.  I also agree that it may prove mildly tedious in practice to
have to set defaultAttributesApply = "false" on so many complex types, at least
in some styles of schema specification.  But I don't think there are any
logical inconsistencies here, and (how shall I put this tactfully?) if this is
the worst usability problem XSD 1.1 has, we've done better than I thought. 
Perhaps I'm just tired, late on a Friday afternoon, but I place more weight on
XSD 1.1 moving forward soon than on whatever improvement might be possible in
the details of the design of this feature.

Yes, if in extending or restricting a complex type you modify any of the
default attributes, or even if you specify default attributes and then, in the
same schema document, define numerous complex types by extension or restriction
of other complex types defined in the same schema document, then you will have
extra work to do.  The situation has at least the advantage that the processor
will call your attention to the error, and it's the kind of mistake you won't
make more than two or three times.  In that sense, this feature compares
favorably (for some users) with the default value of elementFormDefault, which
in my experience takes more than two or three goes to learn thoroughly.

So (speaking only for myself), I am inclined to decline this bug report either
with WONTFIX (if we agree that there is a problem) or with INVALID (if the WG
wishes to maintain that properly regarded it really isn't a problem in the
first place). 

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