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[Bug 6697] QT objections to precision Decimal

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--- Comment #2 from wayne carr <wayne.carr@intel.com>  2009-03-20 16:07:47 ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> On 25 February, 2009, Jonathan Robie reiterated the problems that QT will have
> if XML Schema 1.1 includes precision decimal.  That email is here:
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-xml-schema-wg/2009Feb/0006.html

I want to comment on the possibility of the XML Schema WG removing
precisionDecimal from the XML Schema Datatypes v 1.1 draft.

IEEE 754-2008 decimal floating point [1] is a useful data type, especially in
areas like financial applications.  There is a community of users who benefit
from it.  Customers of ours have contacted us with concern about the possible
lack of future XML support.. 

I won't talk specifically about other's products, but we believe there is good
and growing support for IEEE 754-2008.  Intel produced decimal floating point
math library that has also been contributed to open source gcc 4.3 for decimal
floating-point calculations on Intel Architecture platforms.[2]  Our support
libraries are also used in other places, and we aren't the only ones with

The previous lack of a standard led to a variety of proprietary approaches that
will have to be supported for some time, but IEEE-754 should change that in the
future.  Part of that process is adoption in specs like XML Schema Datatypes.

Bottom line is it's a useful data type for a set of important applications and
there is good and growing support across a variety of platforms.  This isn't a
life or death type decision (well, at least not for us), but keeping it in
seems the right thing to do for the community that needs it.  We hope you don't
drop it.    

[1]  "IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic," IEEE Std 754-2008 , vol.,
no., pp.1-58, Aug. 29 2008 URL:


Wayne Carr 
W3C Advisory Committee rep
Intel Corporation 

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