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[Bug 2544] RQ-146: needs clarification re. wildcards

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------- Additional Comments From sandygao@ca.ibm.com  2005-11-21 15:54 -------
Proposals to discharge this requirement also cover RQ-17.

This item was classified as Req in the meeting of 2004-03-12.

This item was discussed in the meeting of 2004-04-09, in connection with RQ-17..

This item was discussed at 2005-11-11 F2F meeting.

The summary of the current proposal:

-no change to the 1.0 formulation of EDC 
- in the PSVI, check each child element against the gi/type bindings directly, 
indirectly, or implicitly present in the content model; the type assigned to 
the child must be compatible (validly derived from) with that given in the 
bindings for its gi. There are three possibilities here:
  - This applies to all elements without exception (this means skip wildcards 
may induce errors if and when they [appear to] match elements with the same 
names as elements used explicitly elsewhere in the content model). (The so-
called ‘level 3’.) 
  - This applies to all elements which have types (skip wildcards won't induce 
errors, but xsi:type may). (The so-called ‘level 2’.) 
  - This applies only to those elements which match an element declaration 
(xsi:type won't induce errors). (The so-called ‘level 1’.) 
  (Let us call this check the ‘EDC runtime check’.) 
- The EDC runtime check must be integrated into the definition of local 
validity, to connect with the text now in 3.4.6. 

RESOLVED: to adopt the level 2 version of the constraint.
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