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what should I expect for validation of attributes of type QName?

From: Vun Kannon, David <dvunkannon@kpmg.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:42:45 -0500
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If my schema contains

<element name="item">
		<attribute name="measure" type="QName"/>

and my instance contains

myTest				myTest.xsd
http://official.SI.org.fr/SI	si.xsd

and the SI schema contains

<element name="kilogram"/>

What should I expect from validation of the instance? I tested this
situation with the Oracle validator, and it treated the type of the
attribute as no better than string. It didn't try to resolve the namespace
and check that the element existed in that namespace. Obviously, the
validator does a much better job when it is reading the schema itself.
There, a ref attribute with QName content is understood quite well.
Are schema documents "special" in that the QName datatype works only within
a document with that namespace? (If yes, where is that documented?) Or is
the validator wrong, and not applying functionality that is at hand? 
David vun Kannon
KPMG Consulting, LLC
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