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RE: Simpletype child should be allowed in <list>

From: Biron,Paul V <Paul.V.Biron@kp.org>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:37:44 -0700
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To: "'Mark Swinkels'" <MarkSw@Attachmate.com>, www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org
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> From:	Mark Swinkels [SMTP:MarkSw@Attachmate.com]
> Sent:	Wednesday, October 11, 2000 10:15 AM
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> Subject:	Simpletype child should be allowed in <list>
> For consistency and to avoid the unnecessary introduction of named types
> it
> seems that <list> should allow for a simpleType child as well as the
> existing 'itemType' attribute. This would bring it into line with
> restriction and union which both allow anonymous simpleType children.
Again, mia culpa.  Another editing error on my part in the Sept 22 draft.  A
single simpleType child is allowed for list (making the itemType attribute
and simpleType child mutually exclusive).  For confirmation, see the
declaration of the xsd:list element in the schema for datatypes [1].


[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/WD-xmlschema-2-20000922/#schema
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