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RE: XML Schemas: lost "open content models"?

From: Box, Don <dbox@develop.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 01:16:01 -0800
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> Subject: XML Schemas: lost "open content models"?
> Hi Folks,
> In an earlier incarnation of the XML Schema spec it allowed 
> you to state
> that the content of an element is "open".  
> My question is:  What happened to it?  Is it there in the 
> current spec,
> but under a different guise? Or, if it's not there, is it 
> coming back in
> the next version of the spec?

Look at element and attribute wildcards (<any/> and <anyAttribute/>
respectively). They subsume the functionality of the old model=open/closed
attribute. Both of these are described in Part 1 of the Dec 17 PWD (section

Had your "Book" type been defined as follows:

>       <element name="Book">
>            <type>
>                <element name="Title" type="string"/>
>                <element name="Author" type="string"/>
>                <element name="Date" type="string"/>
>                <element name="ISBN" type="string"/>
>                <element name="Publisher" type="string"/>
>                <any minOccurs='0' maxOccurs='*'/>
>            </type>
>       </element>

You would have been fine.

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