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Schema Comments (EDI Code Lists)

From: Miller, Robert (GEIS) <Robert.Miller@geis.ge.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:16:52 -0400
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Hi All,

In EDI applications, coded list values are frequently used to convey data.
In XML it may well be desirable to use the name of a code list entry as an
element name.  For example, 'ShipTo' to represent the coded value 'ST'.  

Within a given code list, the names and coded values should each be unique.
Uniqueness of names and codes across different code lists is not unique.
Also, the same name may have the same or a different semantic meaning across
code lists.

I feel it would be highly desirable to provide a standard representation of
coded lists.  The ideal representation might be to define a coded list as an
If XML objects are currently verboten, we still need something to suffice
for now.  With standardization, code list owners (X12,EDIFACT, ECC, etc. )
could publish URL pointers to their code lists, and tools and techniques
could be defined to make effective use of these lists.


	<ShipTo>  ... Name and Address elements ... </ShipTo>
	<BillTo> ... Name and Address elements ... </Bill-To-Party>

where <ShipTo> and <Bill-To-Party> are XML compatible names of coded values
("ST" and "BT" in X12 code list for DE 98)

I sense that the 'code list' concept is not unique to EDI, and that the XML
Schema might be an appropriate place to define the properties and syntax of
a code list construct.


  Bob Miller
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