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Awesome Confidence - Newsletter

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                     Awesome Confidence Newsletter



                         Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hi Friend,

I hope you are well and feeling confident!

In this edition:

* GOLD article - Have the confidence to stay in a relationship 

* Learn how to be an excellent Small Talker!

See ya next time!



* GOLD article - Have the confidence to stay in a relationship 

10 things to consider, and how to build on the strength of your
current relationship.

Forget Hollywood.  

Forget romantic notions of love at first sight and happily ever

That's for Disney!

Now, back to real life—relationships are hard work.  

Let me say it again, relationships are W-OR-K.  

And, like work, they require time, energy, commitment and clear
communication about what's expected, what's working, and what's

Most people spend more time and energy planning a wedding than
they do maintaining and nurturing the relationship.

Once you understand that no relationship is ever perfect or
happy go lucky 24/7, then you can stop pressuring yourself about
what "should" be and start to build towards what "could" be.

Don't worry if friends claim their relationship is heaven-sent
every single day of the week, every single day of the year.

They're either pulling the wool over your eyes, or they've got a
big surprise coming right around the bend.

So how do you reflect on your relationship and identify its
current strengths?

Here are 10 questions to consider.  

Once you've asked yourself these questions, you should have a
pretty good sense of what's working and what needs to improve.

o How does this relationship meet my needs?

o How does my partner make me a better person?

o What do I get from this relationship?

o How have I learned from him/her?

o Do good times outweigh the bad?

o Am I comfortable with the balance of power?

o What do I love about this person?

o What 3 things do I wish my partner would change?

o How do I feel when things are good between us?

o Am I a good communicator?  Is he/she a good communicator?
 Could we together, learn to communicate better?

If you can identify a strong foundation, specific examples of
how you're getting your needs met, and a positive balance in
your relationship, then recognize that all relationships take
work and commit to building on what you have.

If any of the above questions, left you with further questions
about your relationship, then don't just sit on it.  

Engage your partner in a healthy discussion about mutual needs
and wants, and work together to strengthen your relationship.

Good luck!


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