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External linkbases

From: Karen Lease <klease@vftis.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 18:24:04 -0000
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I would like to confirm my understanding of how one might use a 

Suppose I have a collection of documents. I have an element <tool 
ref="XXX"/> which can appear in these documents. Somewhere in the 
collection, I also have one or several documents which contain more 
information about the tools (picture, how to use...).
I want to make hyperlinks between my <tool> elements and the tool 

I think I could do this by making one extended link for each tool and 
storing them in a linkbase. All of my documents would reference this 
linkbase. For example, the link for my XXX tool would look like this 
(if I didn't use any attribute defaults, which I certainly would) :
<tool.link xlink:type="extended">
  <tool.ref xlink:type="locator" xlink:role="ref" 
  <tool.desc xlink:type="locator" xlink:role="descrip" 
  <tool.arc xlink:type="arc" xlink:from="ref" xlink:to="descrip"/>

My question is: will the href on my tool.ref element 
"#xptr(//tool[@ref='XXX'])" do what I want, which is to treat all of 
the tool elements with an attribute ref whose value is XXX as link 
sources? I would like this to work for any document in the collection, 
without having to explicitly name each document in the href.


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