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RE: What does this table row mean?

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So, their appearance in the table is a side-effect (possibly undesirable as
there is no local explanation)?


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Sometimes the {name} and {parent} properties are used in a generic way, i.e.
the text does not indicate any component type. The markup therefore is like:

<prop comp="">name</prop> 

If the {name} property was part of the Interface component the markup would

<prop comp="Interface">name</prop> 

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What does this table row mean?




The first row of Core Table D-1 [1] lists "-" as a component with name and
parent properties.  What does this mean?  I thought maybe it meant they were
common to all components, but other rows list name and parent where

Table D-1. Summary of WSDL 2.0 Components and their Properties 


Defined Properties


y-.name> name}, {
y-.parent> parent} 

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