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FW: Summary, 27-28 Feb 2006 WS Description FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 16:15:17 -0800
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And I'll swear to my grave that I really did attach them the first time

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Subject: FW: Summary, 27-28 Feb 2006 WS Description FTF

Corrected; forgot the (unfortunately manual) step of adding phone
participants (Arthur) to the roll.

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Subject: Summary, 27-28 Feb 2006 WS Description FTF

Monday 2/27

AI review:

PENDING     2005-07-21: pauld to write a proposal for a working group 
                        report for requirements for schema evolution
                        following closure of LC124 
RETIRED     2005-10-20: Kendall to contact DAWG to ask for contribution 
                        to test suite, due 2005-10-27. 
PENDING     2005-01-05: Glen to write an outline for a test service and 
                        send it to the list. 
DONE        2006-02-02: Jonathan to close issue 285 in the issues list. 
PENIDNG     2006-02-02: Bijan to run the partitioning analysis on
DONE        2006-02-16: Arthur and Tom to do an initial review of the 
                        WS-Addressing WSDL Binding. 
DONE        2006-02-16: Arthur to complete assertion assigment. 
DONE        2006-02-16: Roberto to complete assertion assigment. 
PENDING     2006-02-16: Glen to complete assertion assigment. 
DONE (2/28) 2006-02-16: Jonathan to complete assertion assigment. 
PENDING     2006-02-16: JJM to complete assertion assigment. 
PENDING     2006-02-16: Amy to complete assertion assigment. 
PENDING     2006-02-16: Umit to complete assertion assigment. 
DONE        2006-02-16: Charlton to complete assertion assigment. 
DONE        2006-02-16: Jonathan to raise the CR issue on behalf of
DONE        2006-02-16: Jonathan to keep the SPARQL group informed about
                        this issue. 
DONE        2006-02-16: Jonathan to forward Hugo's two remaining
                        to SPARQL, ask them for their WSDL and sample 
                        messages for our test suite.

Status of deliverables
  Provided Philippe with data on why WSDL 2.0 implementations are
  WG should draft a document explaining the benefits of moving to WSDL
  Expect to do a heartbeat repub soon

Issue 107: 
  RESOLUTION: Closed (obsolete).

Cover page at http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl.
  WG supports cover page as the best of the options.

Issue CR007: Assertion required for property <constraint>
  RESOLUTION: Accept Roberto's proposal.

Issue CR009: SOAP binding: empty SOAP Action
  RESOLUTION: adopt proposal to add clarification to say quoted empty 
              string value ("")

Issue CR010: Type in HTTP binding
  RESOLUTION: Accepted.

Issue CR012: Semantics of wsdl:import
  RESOLUTION: close by accepting the text that is in the editor's draft
              section 4.2.1 (2nd must in last sentence)

Issue CR011: CR Comment on WSDL Version 2, part 2: Adjuncts
  ACTION: Glen to open an issue around WSDL binding component issue
  HTTP version:
    RESOLUTION: remove section 6.4 and associated editorial work
  HTTP headers/simple types:
    RESOLUTION: we'll reject that particular comment, not make any
                It is not clear what other types Mark thinks are 
                appropriate. This is not a general http header
  Section 6.6.6 puts all HTTP headers in a WSDL-specific namespace:
    RESOLUTION: what we identify here is components as opposed to
header, we
                use the restriction of wsdl which says that one
                per http header and we use this restriction to identify
                component with the header name but we do not identify
  Transfer Coding useless and potentially harmful
    RESOLUTION: keep transfer-encoding
  Cookie warning:
    RESOLUTION: No action.
    RESOLUTION: Have extensibility or separate binding, or use a
  ACTION: Tony to respond to Mark's comment (issue CR011)

Issue CR013: Relax IRI style cardinality
  1) remove minOccurs/maxOccurs
  2) remove restriction on duplicate element names
  3) removing the restriction in 6.1.1 (about the element MUST NOT be
cited ...)
  4) add some text matching up tokens with data in order
  5) more tokens than data is a fatal error
  ACTION: Hugo to write up text that captures the above points by
  RESOLUTION: Accept proposal at

Issue CR014: Bug in SOAP binding (Section 5.5.2 of Adjuncts)
  RESOLUTION: Adopt proposed fix.

Issue CR015: value space of "extends" attribute Info Item [ WSL
             Core Language]
  RESOLUTION: Add in section 2.16 that list means whitespace separated 

Tuesday 2/28

Woden Demo

WSDL 1.1->2.0 converter

Assertion reviews
  Still a few outstanding.  Need to be done soon!

Issue 281 (Test suite)
  RESOLUTION: Already fixed.

  WS-I18N progressing, needs resources

WS-A WSDL Binding LC review
  Reviewed Arthur's, Hugo's comments.
  Jonathan will forward the appropriate ones to WS-Addressing.

Issue 287: Modularization of the ontology
  ACTION: Jacek to enumerate all URIs where we should provide RDF

Issue 288: coordinating with XMLP WG
  RESOLUTION: Closed, will use URI defined by XMLP WG.

  Heartbeat pub of all documents soon.
  ACTION: All editors to prepare drafts to consider for republication.

No future FTFs scheduled at this point.
Next week's telcon cancelled - next call on the 16th, to approve refresh

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