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Summary, 19-21 May 2004 WS Description FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 21:50:32 -0700
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Web Service Description Group
Minutes, FTF meeting 19-21 May 2004
New York City, hosted by IBM.



  Media type description draft review
    NEW ISSUE: 198 mismatch between value of media type attribute and 
    NEW ISSUE: 199 mismatch between the media type attribute and the 
                   actual data 
    NEW ISSUE: MT3 Is acceptMediaType the right name for the attribute?
    NEW ISSUE: 200 Where should appInfo go? 
    NEW ISSUE: MT5 Remove or describe fully multipart and message
    NEW ISSUE: MT6 acceptedMediaType should be able to be a list
    NEW ISSUE: 201 Name of mediaType 
    NEW ISSUE: 202 More examples 
    NEW ISSUE: 203 Limited to base64encoded? 
    NEW ISSUE: 204 why */* 
    NEW ISSUE: 205 Explain priority 
    NEW ISSUE: 206 Annotations and schema component model. 
    RESOLUTION: Issue mt5 closed by removal of composite types
    RESOLUTION: Issue mt3 closed by renaming acceptMediaType to 
    RESOLUTION: Issue mt6 closed by making expectedMediaType a list
    ACTION: Media type editors to implement these resolutions prior 
            to publication.
    ACTION: Umit to communicate to XMLP the above issues and 

  Part 3 draft review
    NEW ISSUE: 179 put and delete need to be added (Hugo) 
    NEW ISSUE: 180 inconsistent propagation of soap:header/module 
                   and F&P (Roberto) 
    NEW ISSUE: 181 bind to other protocols (JJM) 
    NEW ISSUE: 182 defaultMEP inheritance - syntax or model? (Marsh) 
    NEW ISSUE: 183 wsoap prefix (Sanjiva) 
    NEW ISSUE: 184 MTOM serialization into SOAP body (Ugo) 
    NEW ISSUE: 185 eliminate wsoap:header (Sanjiva) 
    NEW ISSUE: 186 interaction between wsoap:header and wsoap:module 
    NEW ISSUE: 187 interaction between MEPdefault and 
                   webMethodDefault (Youenn) 
    NEW ISSUE: 188 wsoap:address vs http:address (DaveO) 
    NEW ISSUE: 189 binding message content to URI (DaveO) 
    NEW ISSUE: 190 layering of SOAP webmethod on top of HTTP 
                   binding (DaveO) 
    NEW ISSUE: 191 relationship between SOAP MEPs and WSDL 
                   MEPs (Hugo) 
    NEW ISSUE: 192 2.4.1 "increasing specificity" -> "decreasing..."
    NEW ISSUE: 193 header declaration at different levels (Youenn) 
    NEW ISSUE: 194 why interleave wsdl: and wsoap: elements? (Glen) 
    NEW ISSUE: 195 property value merging (DaveO) 
    NEW ISSUE: 196 f&p/module at operation level vs input/output 
                   message level (Asir)
  Issue 72: MTOM support
    RESOLUTION: We'd like to describe MTOM availability using our 
                feature mechanism and we need to coordinate with 
                the XMLP working group.
    RESOLUTION: Close issue 72.
    ACTION: Glen to write an example of expressing MTOM in WSDL 
            using f&p and send it to the XMLP WG.
    ACTION: Editors to include in the primer an example that uses 

  Issue 96: Intermediaries support
    RESOLUTION: Close 185 by removing soap:header.
    RESOLUTION: Close 186 as obsolete.
    ACTION: Editors to remove soap:header.
  Issue 181: Bind to other protocols
    RESOLUTION: Close issue 181 by dropping the word "only" from 
                2.2.2 SOAP Binding Component and describe what 
                happens if a different uri (which must be 
                compatible with the wsdl soap binding) is used.
    ACTION: Editors to fix 2.2.2 to allow other protocols.
  Issue 196: Module operation at operation level vs input/output level
    RESOLUTION: Close Issue 196 no change.
  Issues 180: Inconsistent propogation of soap:module and features & 
              properties, 193: Module declaration at different levels
    RESOLUTION: If there is more than one module with the sam uri in 
                scope then go up the tree - msg->op->interface 
                (nearest enclosing scope wins).  Close 180, 193.
    ACTION: Editors to make propogation of modules and f&p use the
            nearing enclosing scope.
    NEW ISSUE: 197 Don't override interface features that are required
                   in binding (Umit).
  Issue 182: defaultMEP inheritance-syntax or model?
    RESOLUTION: Change component model to remove default* properties,
                use mapping from syntax instead.
    ACTION: Editors to fix component model to remove default* 
            properties, use mapping from syntax instead.
   Issue 54: Allow binding to any HTTP method.
     RESOLUTION: Issue 54 closed, Hugo's full potato proposal 
                 accepted, with default changed to 
     ACTION: Editors to incorporate Hugo's full potato proposal.
     RESOLUTION: Issue 147 closed (covered by full potato).
   HTTP properties:
     ACTION: David Orchard to update HTTP binding to include 
             discussion of how to generate an accepts header from 
             schema annotations conformant to the media types 
             extension document, and to use outputSerialization 
             based on that information.  
     RESOLUTION: add http:authenticationType, http:authenticationRealm
             to endpoint, http:cookies and http:version to binding,
             and http:transfer-coding to input/output (with defaulting
             at binding and operation).
     ACTION: Editors to incorporate http:{properties} into binding.
     David Orchard added as Editor on Part 3.
     RESOLUTION: Close issues: 165, 147, 56, and 164 as addressed by 
                 this proposal.  Leave 55 open until we get to ADD.

   Issue 84:  SOAP header faults needed?
   	 RESOLUTION: Closed, already gone.

   Issue 62:  Specify a specific SOAP fault code to be returned
     RESOLUTION: Closed, already dealt with with code/subcode.

   Issue 114: Name of wsoap:fault/@name
     RESOLUTION: Closed, already fixed.

   Issue 68:  Confusing description between soap:body and soap:fault
     RESOLUTION: Closed, new text, and parts are gone.

   Issue 73:  Clarify Fault versus Body in SOAP binding
     RESOLUTION: Closed, obsolete editorial problem.

   Issue 29:  How to specify the structure and ordering of 
                 'soap:body' parts
     RESOLUTION: Closed, parts are gone.

   Issue 31: 'soap:address' insufficient to describe SOAP 1.2 Endpoint
     RESOLUTION: Closed, already have protocol and mep in binding.

   Issue 52: Allow operation addresses to be absolute
     RESOLUTION: Closed: Can be achieved by putting one operation 
                 per interface and bind the interface to a uri.

   Issue 28: 'transport' cannot fully describe underlying 
             SOAP 1.2 protocol binding 
     RESOLUTION: Closed, done that with protocol attribute.

   Issue 1: How to specify an empty SOAP action
     RESOLUTION: Closed, no @soapaction means no header.
     ACTION: Sanjiva to implement the resolution that @soapaction not 
             there means no soapaction.

   Issues 86: New @soapActionURI?
     RESOLUTION: Closed, we have addressed this with @soapAction.

   Issue 97:  Schema language for SOAP encoding
     RESOLUTION: Closed, we will not do this new schema language 
                 for soap data model.

   Issue 99:  Support SOAP 1.2 data model and encoding
     RESOLUTION: Closed, resolved as a duplicate of 97.

   Issue 100: Support SOAP 1.2 RPC
     RESOLUTION: Closed, can't support without a SOAP data model
                 schema language (see issue 97).

   Issue 101: Support SOAP 1.2 transport binding framework
     RESOLUTION: Closed, already handled by @protocol and F&P.

   Issue 141: Should WSDL say anything about whitespace in SOAP:Body?
     RESOLUTION: Closed, as we don't say how the infoset is 
            made up from the schem-valid data and do not plan to do 
            so. F&P can provide means of specifying that signature, 
            canonicalization can be turned on.

   Issue 19: Inconsistency on optionality of 'soap:headerfault', Issue
             44: "name" attribute of "soap:fault" is not defined in 
             schema, Issue 46: "transport" attribute of "soap:binding"
             should be optional, Issue 47: "soap:operation" should be 
     RESOLUTION: Closed as a group since the soap binding schema is 
                 now obsolete. It should be very clear from the spec 
                 since we will rewrite it completely.     

   Issue 191: Relationship between wsdl mep and soap mep.
     RESOLUTION: Closed with a statement in the introduction "if you 
                 are familiar with soap meps, wsdl meps are the same 
                 but a little bit more abstract"
     ACTION: Part 2 Editors to add such a statement.
     ACTION: Part 3 Editors to add a statement to relate each of the 
             two soap meps to wsdl meps. 

   Issue 194: Why interleave wsdl: and wsoap: namespaced elements?
     RESOLUTION: Closed, by adopting Sanjiva's proposal as amended
                 by Roberto (add @type).

   Issue 173: Convert nested subcodes into a flat list (attribute)
     RESOLUTION: Closed, by accepting Editor's implementation of
                 Paul's roll-up.

   Issue 187: Interaction between MEPdefault and webMethodDefault

     RESOLUTION: Closed as obsoleted by issue 190 resolution.

   Issue 190: Layering of SOAP webMethod on top of HTTP binding
     RESOLUTION: Agreed to remove {web method} property and associated
     ACTION: Editors to remove the {web method} property from the 
             component model (and related syntax, including defaulting 
     RESOLUTION: http:inputSerialization will not be added to SOAP 
     ACTION: Editors to add ednotes to the spec to indicate areas that 
             had contention.
     RESOLUTION: Remove @separator from HTTP binding.
     ACTION: Editors to remove @separator from HTTP binding.
     ACTION: DaveO to write up a scenario to motivate path creation 
             on a per-operation basis.
     RESOLUTION: Allow http:version, http:authenticationType,
                 http:authenticationRealm, http:cookies, 
                 http:transfer-coding on the SOAP binding.
     ACTION: Editors to write up that we allow http:version etc. 
             in the soap binding when the protocol is http.
     RESOLUTION: Close 190 per above resolutions.
   Issue 188: wsoap:address vs. http:address?
     RESOLUTION: coalesce http:address and soap:address.
     ACTION: Editors to update part 1 to add optional 
     ACTION: Editors to update part 3 to remove soap:address and 
             http:address and update binding details accordingly.
     RESOLUTION: issue 188 closed per above.
   Issue 61: Additional SOAP binding for HTTP GET-in/SOAP-out.
     RESOLUTION: Close issue 61, add support for HTTP URI binding 
     ACTION: Editors to update part 3 to say that for SOAP Response 
             MEPs the URI will be generated following the HTTP 
             binding rules for generating a URI (for GET).
   Issue 184:
     RESOLUTION: Closed with editorial Action Item to make sure the 
                 wording does not preclude MTOM use.
     ACTION: Editors to update soap binding default rules to allow 
             use of MTOM.
   Issue 178: Track operation safety
     RESOLUTION: Move issue 178 to a test suite issue as we've done
                 the technical stuff needed.
   Issue 187: Interaction between MEPdefault and webMethodDefault
     RESOLUTION: Close issue 187 as obsolete now that webMethod has
                 been removed.
    Issue 155: support for outbound ops in http
      ACTION: Amy to provide wording to go into spec to say that our 
              bindings only support the identified MEPs but others can 
              be handled if appropriate rules are defined elsewhere.
      RESOLUTION: Close issue 155 with the above editorial changes.
    Issue 170: Shortcut syntax for synchronizing webMethod and HTTP 
      RESOLUTION: Closed issue 170 as obsolete.
    Issue 171: Indicate XML version for XML in SOAP and HTTP bindings?
      RESOLUTION: Close issue 171 with no action; serialization details
                  are not constrained by WSDL.
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