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Re: WSDL Requirements

From: Rosimildo da Silva <rosimildo@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 18:10:25 -0600
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From: "Paul Prescod" <paulp@ActiveState.com>
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Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: WSDL Requirements

> "Sadiq, Waqar" wrote:
> >
> > Ok.  I think I get it and sorry for not reading it like that.  In a
> > that is also a requirement on the web services architecture work group
> > the web services should be able to support references.  For example, if
I am
> > not wrong, I think XMLP does not address specifying object references
> > how they can be passed back.  Would the underlying protocols have to
> > passing objects by reference before a description language can express
> > properly?
> Well, yes, I think that SOAP is somewhat broken in this respect also.
> But one can always pass a URI through SOAP so you can hack object
> references. And SOAP will never prevent you from calling methods on the
> URIs that you retrieve as SOAP endpoints.
> But if WSDL does not let you describe the resulting service then you
> really cannot realistically deploy it in a statically-typed programming
> world. So it becomes quite hard to do anything beyond getStockQuote. ;)

I think we should not put everything at the WSDL layer. I think we
should concentrate in getting WSDL describing very well:

    + Specific data format on the wire for messages, using XML schema to
       the data representation on the wire.
    + Specification of the abstract interface of the service ( method
calls/messages )
    + Bindings of the service

Anything like QoS and such should be represented elsewhere.

I hope for a CORBA spec with XML face someday. :-)

Things like QoS could be defined as an "infra-structure" service that
higher level services could implement, and have some element on the
WSDL that describe the services provided:


         <spec location="uri-of-the-wsdl-file-representing-the-service"/>
    // other basic services go here



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