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RE: ws-desc Use Cases

From: Sadiq, Waqar <waqar.sadiq@eds.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:39:25 -0600
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I have added the use cases that you provided - as is.  However, it would
help if you could suggest alternate wordings for your use cases that make
the description aspect a little bit more clear.  For example, in your
Document Delivery use case, what would the web service like from a
description language point-of-view.  Same goes for the others also.


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Subject: ws-desc Use Cases

Here's a few more use cases for consideration:

Print Data Transformation:  A service is available that will take data from
a mobile device (PDA, Cell Phone) to be printed in a variety of formats
(text, pdf, html) and will transform the data into a printable format
(PostScript, PCL) and deliver it to a specified printer.

Document delivery: A service is available that will accept a document
scanned from a multifunction device and deposit it in an archive.  An
e-mail or other notification will be sent to the specified recipient with a
URL pointer to the document.  The document can then be viewed, copied or
printed by the recipient.  End-to-end encryption will be available as well
as recipient authentication.

Image manipulation:  A service is available to take an image in a number of
formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) with potentially very large amounts of data
(hundreds of megabytes) and apply transformations and other processes
(de-speckle, de-skew, etc.) specified to the image and then returned the
resultant processed image back to the requestor in the requested format.

Printer Maintenance Service:  A service is available that accepts status
and usage  information for MFD/Printers etc. on a corporate network and
then periodically and/or automatically places an order for additional
supplies,  scheduled maintenance etc. (includes mutual authentication and

Document Creation:  A service is available that accepts a request to create
a physical embodiment of a document.  Special formats (e.g., booklets,
bindings), media (e.g., posters, t-shirts) and handling (e.g., FEDEX
delivery of results) can be specified.  Authentication and payments/billing
are supported.

Geez!!! What did you expect from a printer guy????

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