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RE: WS Architectural Loose Ends / Outstanding issues

From: Champion, Mike <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 09:51:23 -0500
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> Subject: WS Architectural Loose Ends / Outstanding issues
> The concluding section of the WSA document should probably 
> [at least the editors on the call today agreed!] be a listing 
> and short description of the architectural issues that a) are 
> significant for the WS industry; b) we cannot say anything at 
> all definitive about; and c) cross WG / organizational 
> boundaries, so there's not an obvious group that can resolve 
> the issue on their own.

> So, are all of these really in this category?  What else is 
> there?  Can anyone propose (or point to) a clear, 1-paragraph 
> or so description of the issue and resolution options for any 
> of these?

I just remembered WS-CAF .... See Eric's article
As I understand it, this aspires to be a framework within which different
transaction, correlation, orchestration, etc. specs can be bound and not a
uber-spec replacing all of them.

So, is there a meta-architectural issue here, or is this essentially a
"political" issue of choosing the right specs for orchestration,
transactions, etc.?  Is there anything we could possibly agree to say about
this in the closing section of the WSA document? 
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