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RE: Generic URI things

From: Assaf Arkin <arkin@intalio.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:40:43 -0800
To: "Christopher B Ferris" <chrisfer@us.ibm.com>, "Mark Baker" <distobj@acm.org>
Cc: <www-ws-arch@w3.org>
I really valued the REST approach when it only looked at very specific
applications and proposed a better way to model this applications, that is
why I argued that the WS architecture should not preclude it, and that SOAP
should consider how for these applications it can be made RESTful by having
a uniform interface.

I am starting to see less value in this approach if it tries to cover other
type of applications by introducing increasing levels of complexity (e.g.
monitors) to achieve what the HTTP POST methods provides in a more natural
form. It is a valuable conceptual excercise as a way to prove that other
models exists that could work without HTTP POST. But practical?

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  Mark Baker <distobj@acm.org> wrote on 01/08/2003 03:54:50 PM:

  > In progress, at least for Waka.  But while that's important, it doesn't
  > matter to the uniform constraint.  It's uniform, because the meaning of
  > "MONITOR" and "WATCH" is meaningful to all things with identity (I can
  > use it to monitor dogs, chickens, lava flows, weather reports).  The

  No it isn't. It is meaningful to resources which support that method for
  starters. Secondly, unless I'm mistaken, I still have no idea whether this
  is your MONITOR or mine... Will I get a lizard on my doorstep next week
  or will I be notified that the state has changed through some less toothy

  Further, can you demonstrate/prove how it is that your assertion that the
  of the interface with regards to all identified resources is what actually
  derives the benefits you suggest? *MIGHT* it be the case that it is the
  within a domain that has accorded much of the benefits observed?

  > only thing that would make it non-uniform is if it was only meaningful
  > to a subset of things, such as MONITOR-STOCK-QUOTE only being meaningful
  > to stock quotes.
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