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From: Hao He <Hao.He@thomson.com.au>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 15:18:48 +1100
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I hope that the new summary for the editors will stir some new discussions.

I tried to follow the style of D-AG0001 without using the Viso (will use it
once get it installed.)

Dr. Hao He

Summary of D-AG0018

Wording of the goal:

It is a goal of the Web Services Architecture Working Group to provide a
standard convention of measuring Web Services metrics and to define standard
instrumentations to Web Services so they can be managed by a management

Success factors:

The Web Services Reference Architecture should:

1. Develop a standard convention of measuring Web Services metrics so
different service providers, implementors and consumers can reach service
level agreements.

1.1 The standard should include definitions of metrics such as Quality of
Service, Reliability of Service and other metrics.
1.2 The reference architecture should provide guidelines on measuring those
1.3 Metrics can be independently verified.

2. Define standard management instrumentations to Web Services.
2.1 The standard should define but not limited to instrumentations such as
starting, suspending, 
and retiring services. 
2.2 The instrumentations should confirm to other goals of this working
2.3 The definition of management framework is out of scope.  There are a
number of such technologies available: www.dmtf.org.
2.4 The instrumentations may be exposed as Web Services.

3. Clearly define and publish reference architecture for implementors.
(Copied from D-AG0001A).
3.1 Clearly define and publish reference Web Services management model.

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