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RE: [RTF] AC019 proposal to WSA WG

From: <michael.mahan@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 15:28:08 -0400
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Comments inline

>	The Web Service Architecture enables conforming Web 
>Services to be
>reliable, stable, and evolvable over time.

Editorial comment - All three of these properties implies
a specific measure across time. So the 'over time' language is 

>AR019.1 Web Services conforming to Web Service Architecture 
>can be reliably
>discovered, accessed, and executed.
>D-AR019.1.1 Web Services Architecture will enable discovery of 
>a relocated
>Web Service.
>D-AR019.1.2 Web Service Architecture will enable the 
>availability of a Web
>Service conveyed, where possible.

I don't understand the 'conveyed' part and I disagree with the 
'where possible' language. I suggest removing the last 3 words.

>D-AR019.1.3 Web Services Architecture will incorporate support 
>for reliable

Editorial comment - Why not use the same language as above and say
"Web Services Architecture will enable reliable messaging."

Also, reliable messaging is useful for all 3 of the interactions with 
a Web Service you have described. Is there any requirement for
specifically applying reliability to invocation/execution?

>AR019.2 The Web Services Architecture enables a conforming Web Service
>implementation to be stable with respect to its definition.
>	D-AR019.2.1 A Web Service can be defined independent of its

I don't see how this achieves stability. This seems to me to belong 
more in the proposed 'loose-coupling' CSF.

>D-AR019.3 The Web Service Architecture enables a conforming Web Service
>definition to be evolvable.
>	D-AR019.3.1 The Web Services Architecture is governed by a well
>defined versioning scheme for Web Services that is made available
>independent of the service.
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