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preliminary record of minutes of tele-con of 7th February 2002

From: Ziv Hellman <ziv@unicorn.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 20:32:10 +0200
Message-ID: <6194CD944604E94EB76F9A1A6D0EDD232C2E2F@calvin.unicorn.co.il>
To: "WebOnt WG" <www-webont-wg@w3.org>
Date 7th February 2002. Total time: One hour and twenty minutes

* Attendance: listening quality was too poor for this note-taker to hear
full list of attendance. If anyone can help me to reconstruct this, it
would be appreciated.

* Agenda item: FTF meetings schedule.

Next FTF is slated to take place 8th - 9th April (Monday and Tuesday) in
Third FTF will be 1st and 2nd of July, no location has yet been
specified - Boston, Stanford and Bristol are the candidates. 

The date for the last ftf will be announced shortly. Planning is for end
of September or beginning of October. 

Efforts are being made to conduct 2 in Europe and 2 in North America,
with both coasts represented (the east coast has already been the site
of the first ftf). Co-locating with other conferences is important for
some many members, and getting to Europe for some residents of North
America is difficult without such co-location.

* Agenda item: Review of previous actions and the results to date.

ACTION: Finin to complete use case on ubiq. comp - DONE.
ACTION: Buswell to complete design Use case - DONE.
ACTION - Obrst to help find ontology partitioning - review and refine
Req - DONE.
ACTION - Pat Hayes to send Jeff a couple of sentences on referring to
vs. committing to ontologies - DONE.
ACTION: Tim Finin to send Jeff a pointer to the FIPA language req.
document - DONE. 
ACTION - have unwritten parts in the D+O vs OWL document (Mike, Dan,
Ian) - DONE. 
-- follow on ACTION - Mike D. to document what OWL reqs not covered by
D+O, and what D+O features currently not used in addressing our reqs -
promised to be done over next week
 ACTION Jim/Guus will send to mailing list a proposed list of
documents/outputs expected of the working group (tied to calendar if
possible) and ask people to express interests in particular w/respect to
those issues - Due: Feb 14

* Next item: discussion of requirements document. 

Mostly complete. Ubiquitous computing use case is lacking in Heflin
document. Should we cut and paste from original Web Services document,
or can we do better? Ora volunteers to help with this, and will also
speak with Tim about it.

Frank in Amsterdam asked a question about merging results from Mike's
document into this document. Some back and forth about our charter vis a
vis RDF, which is a W3C standard, and D+O, which OWL is intended to
replace, ensued. It was finally decided that everyone in the group will
first be given an opportunity to read the documents and comments will be

Milestones: Comments due by 13th February, taking into account that
attendees at DAML conference may wish to discuss the comments. Even if
one believes that the document is good as is, please send that as a
comment. Content comments are to be posted to the group as a whole,
spelling and grammar directly to authors.

The target is to have publication within about a fortnight, 22nd

* Next item: DAML+OIL vs. requirements. 

Document is unchanged since last week. 

Action Item: Document by next Wednesday to be revised in line with
tele-con discussion on features and reqs.

* Next item: OWL language development document promised by early next
week (Tuesday)

Analysis of requirements document and D+O document are needed for
further work on language development - Dan volunteered to begin working
on test cases and infrastructure, which was welcomed by all.

* Next item: Layering of OWL on top of RDF.

Full discussion of the layering issue delayed to next tele-con after
people have had a chance to read the longer version. Peter and Dieter
are both pleased with what they have produced, a pleasant surprise. It
may become a conference paper as well as a note of the working group.

* Due to the travelling surrounding the DAML conference, next week's
tele-con is likely to be cancelled, and will include only editors.
Decision on this matter to be sent to all members during the coming
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