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From: Tim Finin <finin@cs.umbc.edu>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 11:50:34 -0500
Message-ID: <3C06675A.3D63F3C6@cs.umbc.edu>
To: www-webont-wg@w3.org
Our research group here at UMBC is interested in exploring how the
semantic web can be useful in supporting three areas: pervasive
computing, distributed trust, and agent communication.  What follows
are not proper use cases, but I wanted to submit something before our
call today.

PERVASIVE COMPUTING.  We are interested in suing semantic web languages
to support service description, discovery, matching and negotiation
for devices in a mobile computing or pervasive computing environment.
We are particularly interested in allowing devices to be aware of the
"context" they are in so that they can better perform their tasks.
We've done some preliminary work that has included developing a version
of JINI which uses DAML+OIL to describe services offered and sought.
We've also developed a system that uses RDF for service description
and matching in the Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol.

  Chaitanya Pullela, Liang Xu, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Anupam Joshi,
  "Component based Architecture for Mobile Information Access",
  proceedings of 2000 International Conference on Parallel Processing
  (ICPP 2000), August 2000.

  Sasikanth Avancha, Anupam Joshi, and Tim Finin, Enhancing the
  Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol, submitted IEEE Wireless
  Computing and Networking Conference, Orlando, March 17-21, 2002.

DISTRIBUTED TRUST.  We are developing a system which uses distributed
trust to make authorization decisions, such as which users or devices
should be allowed to access or use what resources.  We are applying
this in several contexts: web services, supply chain management and
mobile computing. We have begun using an ontology in DAML+OIL to
represent and publish the concepts that our distributed trust system
reasons about -- roles, constraints, permission, obligations,
prohibitions, policy, authentication, etc.

  Lalana Kagal, Jeffrey Undercoffer, Anupam Joshi, and Tim Finin, Vigil:
  Providing Trust for Enhanced Security in Pervasive Systems, October
  2001. http://umbc.edu/~finin/papers/vigil/

  Anupam Joshi, Timothy Finin, and Yelena Yesha, Agents, Mobility, and
  M-Services: Creating the next generation applications and
  infrastructure on mobile ad-hoc networks, Workshop on an
  Infrastructure for Mobile and Wireless Systems, Scottsdale, Arizona,
  October 15, 2001.

  Tim Finin, Anupam Joshi, Lalana Kagal, Olga Ratsimore, Vlad Korolev,
  and Harry Chen, "Information Agents for Mobile and Embedded
  Devices", Fifth International Workshop Cooperative Information Agents,
  September 6-8, 2001 Modena, Italy. http://umbc.edu/~finin/papers/cia01/

AGENT COMMUNICATION.  We are using DAML+OIL to support agent
communication in a multi agent system.  Our ITAALKS application can
send announcements of new talks and events thought to be of interest to
a registered user to that uses personal agent.  It in turn consults
the user's schedule, location and other agents to decide whether or
not to add it ot the user's calendar.  uses DAML+OIL as the content
language.  The agent communication among these agents is done with the
FIPA ACL and uses DAML+OIL as the content language.

  R. Scott Cost, Tim Finin, Anupam Joshi, Yun Peng, Filip Perich,
  Charles Nicholas, Harry Chen, Lalana Kagal, Youyong Zou, and Sovrin
  Tolia, ITTALKS: A Case Student in how the Semantic Web Helps,
  submitted, International Semantic Web Workshop -- Infrastructure and
  Applications for the Semantic Web, July, 2001, Stanford.

  Filip Perich, R. Scott Cost, Tim Finin, Anupam Joshi, Yun Peng,
  Charles Nicholas, Harry Chen, Lalana Kagal, Youyong Zou, and Sovrin
  Tolia, ITTALKS: An Application of Agents in the Semantic Web, Workshop
  on Engineering Societies in the Agents' World, 7 July 2001, Prague.

 Tim Finin, Prof Computer Science & Electrical Eng, Director Inst. for Global
 Electronic Commerce, U Maryland Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop, Baltimore MD
 21250. mailto:finin@umbc.edu 410-455-3522 fax:-3969 http://umbc.edu/~finin/
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