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RE: ANY in the DASL spec

From: Saveen Reddy (Exchange) <saveenr@Exchange.Microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 14:24:58 -0700
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Going to DAV:operator instead of any I think induces two problems:

1 - makes the grammar more unreadable. I know this is in some ways not a big
deal -- no user will see these queries, but having a lot of XML:elements
makes it confusing. People, by far, wanted the "low-fat" grammar in "01"
than the original "00" grammar.

2 - And this is the more serious concern ... I think this limits the
extensibility. The point of saying ANY in this case was to allow search
arbiters to easily extend the search grammar. If they needed to have a new
operator they can implement one and expose it as a namespaced XML element
without fear of interfering with other operators. 

As for moving DAV:prop and DAV:literal for all the search operators I think
this doesn't add any new capability -- if the element isn't DAV:literal then
there is nothing else it can identify except a property. Adding a prop
element in this case is also perhaps harmful ... DAV:prop is defined to
potentially contain multiple properties, not a single property.


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Subject: ANY in the DASL spec

There are lots of definitions where I feel as if we are just copping out by
defining an element to be ANY.

8.4 DAV:where -- change ANY to DAV:operator (I think Jim is also going to
need DAV:operator to be defined for 8.9), and define DAV:operator to be
(and | or | not | eq | lt | lte | gt | gte | contains)

8.5 DAV:sortby -- change ANY to (prop | rank)

8.7 all of the search operators -- change ANY to (prop | literal)

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