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Summary of Face-to-face meeting October 23-24, 2008

From: James Larson <jim@larson-tech.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 11:02:46 -0800
Message-ID: <491B2856.3020905@larson-tech.com>
To: www-voice <www-voice@w3.org>

The Voice Browser Working Group held a face-to-face meeting in 
Mandelieu, France, October 23-24, 2008.  This note summarizes this meeting.

We plan to publish the first working draft of VoiceXML 3.0 during the 
next couple of weeks and publish updated drafts every three months 
thereafter. The two big discussion topics of the meeting were external 
eventing and data model for VoiceXML 3.0.  We explored several 
alternative approaches for both topics, and generally settled on a 
specific direction for each topic.  Working group members will write up 
the details of both topics for review by the working group.  We plan to 
insert revisions of these drafts into the second working draft of 
VoiceXML 3.0, which we plan to publish in February 2009.

We also discussed record and SIV (speaker identification and 
verification).  A working group member will write up the summary of 
these discussions fro review by the working group. We plan to include 
drafts of record and SIV in the third working draft of VoiceXML 3.0, 
which we plan to publish in May 2009. 

We decided not to schedule any face-to-face meetings for the next year.  
We may schedule another face-to-face if and when we feel there is a need. 


Jim Larson and Scott McGlashon
Co-chairs, W3C VBWG
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