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Qry : SCXML Event Model ?

From: Sheth Raxit <raxit@phonologies.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 3:49:22 -0400
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Hello All,

Qry : SCXML Event Model

Example 1:

During the execution of Multimodal Applications,at some given point application is in the State- SINPUT.
this state is for handling input from Set of Input Devices...But not known in advance(/or dont want to couple input device w
ith application)  which device(s) has generated event(s)

and having EventHanlder Event.Input.

Now as per client specific hardware, Client may have GUI,VUI,Barcode Input, any combination of this ...
They may generat Event.Input.GUI,Event.Input.VUI,Event.Input.Barcode...when user gives the input...(these are  just  Example

As such application wants to handle all this events same way...and write only Handler for "Event.Input" and this must able t
o handle all the Events of Event.Input.* and all the child Events...So that the application is Decoupled from client specifi
c input device...

Example 2 :

Multimodal Application wants (because of some specific need)  that PASSWORD field must be entered using GUI and not by any o
ther means (Voice UI etc...) and will handle only Events.Input.GUI,

Any other Input Event is processed by Ignoring and/or Giving Ouput "please enter password using KeyPad/Stylus"

Qry : Is SCXML Support Inheritance Event Model, by which Events may be describe as Generalization-Specialization of Some  Events, and can handle some Set-Of-(similar)-Events in same way.?

Waiting for reply,

Thanks and Regards
Raxit Sheth

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