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Questions about conference events

From: Werner Dittmann <Werner.Dittmann@t-online.de>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 21:31:07 +0200
Message-ID: <002601c49b5a$ab5060b0$0100a8c0@nonehome>
To: <www-voice@w3c.org>


during the implementation of a Java based CCXML interpreter I have some
questions about the conference events. Maybe some CCXML specification
guru can answer my questions and check my assumptions. Thanks. 


this event contains a reference to the conference object. This object
contains the conference id and an array of the connections that belong
to the conference. The <cerateconference> element does not provide any
mechanisms to define connections that shall join the conference during
the creation process. Is it therefore a safe assumption that the
connections array of the conference object is empty when the
interpreter receives this event?


this event contains two ids. My assumptions to handle these ids are:

- if both ids point to connections (both refer to objects in the
  session.connections array) then it is a simple bridge between two
  connections. No further handling necessary.

- if one id (either id1 or id2) points to a conference object (refers
  to an object in the session.conferences array) and the other id is a
  connection then add the referenced connection object to the
  connections array of the conference object. Additional question: how
  to index the connections array of the conference object?
  Sequentially from '0' to 'n' or is the connection id the index into
  this connections array (similar to the session.connnections array)?
  My assumption is to index it via the connection id. This would
  simplify handling when dealing with a connection inside a

- if both ids point to a conference object? Is this allowed or
  possible? If so - how to handle the connections of the conference
  objects? Which conference object gets the connections? Or get both
  the connections of the other?


- similar assumptions as above (except for simple bridging - this is
  handled via disconnect) only the opposite action.


PS: I've managed to open a Sourceforge project for this implementation.
The projectname is CCXML4J.
I just need some more testing, then I can put a first snapshot into the
CVS repository. If all goes well this will be during the next weekend.

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