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RE: Question about using TTS via the prompt element in VXML

From: Tracy Boehrer <tboehrer@calltower.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 14:51:10 -0800
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To: "Lutz Birkhahn" <lbirkhahn@adomo.com>, "Roopa Trivedi" <rotrived@cisco.com>, <www-voice@w3.org>
The SSML spec pretty much says that (section 2.2.1).  It even states what attributes to use.  But I don't think it's clear enough about the algorithm. In fact, it says "the voice selection algorithm may be processor specific."
I would think it needs to be ordered.  For example: language, gender, age, variant, name.  Or something like that.  Or, is the order the spec lists it the right way: language, name, variant, gender and age?

I don't know...

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	Roopa Trivedi wrote:
	> What about the scenario where 2 vendors support the same gender, age,
	> language etc and the script writer specifically wants to use vendor #1?
	> Is the "name" of the voice recommended to be used as the distinguishing
	> factor? Can we assume that this "name" will be unique across all
	> vendors?
	I think voices in VXML are what fonts are in HTML (or TeX, or Post-
	Script)... Maybe that's a good analogy when discussing this question.
	From that point of view, "name" of a voice is a possible way to select
	a voice, but that name should include the vendor ("foundry") to make
	it unique ("Scansoft-Jim", "Viavoice-Rebecca"). One difference is that
	font names are usually protected, so when I ask for a Times font, I can
	expect to get something which looks at least somewhat similar to any
	other Times font. I don't think the same holds for a voice called "Jim".
	ScanSoft's Jim might sound very different from IBM's Jim (although
	both are probably male american voices).
	In general it would be nice to select a voice depending on any mixture
	of attributes, e.g. by specifying *some* of the attributes gender,
	age(?), language, country, name, vendor, etc., much the same as e.g.
	in X Window System I can specify a font similar to "*-Times-bold-*"
	when I don't care where the Times font comes from, or I can specify
	"Adobe-Times-bold-*" when I insist on having the Adobe voice err font.
	Just my $.02,
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