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Not a fan of the Nu Html Checker switch for HML5 documents

From: Anna Marie Golden <amgolden@uw.edu>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 16:08:12 -0700
Message-ID: <CALsf5z9FOXwDucy4bSzcSPOH7+j_=ExLgur6GMqWOqFmsQ-wQQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org
Hello.  I would like to provide feedback on HTML5 validation with the W3C
Markup Validation Service.  I apologize if I am sending this feedback to
the wrong address- I had a little difficulty with finding where to send
feedback that is not a bug or feedback about a specific error message.

I do not like that, when checking an HTML5 page, the validator is switched
to the Nu Html Checker.  I have seen this checker in the past and did not
use it because I do not like how results are displayed.

   - There is no summary at the beginning of results that provides the
   number of errors and warnings.  I find this very helpful in doing a quick
   check of a site's page.
   - Result items are not displayed in a user-friendly format.  They are
   too "busy" and look cluttered with the outlines, borders, and colors which
   make it more difficult to skim through the list of results.  I like the way
   results are presented in the W3C version- it is much cleaner.  I don't need
   to see past the presentation to see the warning or error.
   - Results do not provide the same level of detail as the W3C version and
   there is no option for verbose output.  I sometimes find this helpful in
   understanding my error.  I also refer folks to this site frequently, many
   of them web dev novices, and the "short and sweet" version of error and
   warning messages are confusing to this audience because they don't fully
   understand web standards.  It may be too inconvenient for them to look up
   every error message in the list of error messages and their interpretation
   so they may just end up skipping it all together, which is not a good thing
   for accessibility.  It just isn't very user-friendly to present users with
   a message and then expect them to go somewhere else for an explanation of
   that message.  It would be better to present this information with a
   verbose option for warning and error messages, as the w3C version does.
   - I didn't like the surprise factor the first time I saw Nu Html Checker
   instead of the W3C Validator.  There is no indication that the Validator
   will switch to the Checker for HTML5 documents.  It was disappointing to
   not see the interface I was used to interacting with.

My preference is for the w3C Markup Validation Service over the Nu Html
Checker.  Thanks for allowing my proverbial "two-cents."

Have a GREAT day!

​Anna Marie​


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