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Tell me the solution, not just the problem

From: Philip Tory at Authorgraphic <p.tory@authorgraphic.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 18:19:44 +0100
To: <www-validator@w3.org>

Address of the document I was checking: http://www.technical-writer.co.uk/

The Error message tells me something is wrong, but fails to suggest a
solution. This is not helpful unless I'm a guru who would probably not have
got it wrong in the first place.

E.g. Unable to Determine Parse Mode!

"The validator can process documents either as XML (for document types such
as XHTML, SVG, etc.) or SGML (for HTML 4.01 and prior versions). For this
document, the information available was not sufficient to determine the
parsing mode unambiguously, because:

.. the MIME Media Type (text/html) can be used for XML or SGML document types

..the Document Type (-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en) is not in the
validator's catalog

..No XML declaration (e.g <?xml version="1.0"?>) could be found at the
beginning of the document.

..No XML namespace (e.g <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
xml:lang="en">) could be found at the root of the document.

As a default, the validator is falling back to SGML mode."


Validation Output: 1 Error 

Error Line 1, Column 61: invalid formal public identifier "-//w3c//dtd html
4.0 transitional//en": invalid public text class <!doctype html public
"-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">

This is not very helpful: OK, so tell me what I should (or could) be using!



Philip Tory

Authorgraphic Ltd
Unit 29, King Edwards Avenue, Gloucester GL1 5DD   UK
Tel: 01452 - 500 639
 <http://www.authorgraphic.co.uk/> www.authorgraphic.co.uk
<http://www.technicalwritingcourse.co.uk/> www.technicalwritingcourse.co.uk





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