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Outdated link for character entity list in validator error message (non SGML character number)

From: Josh Hillman <hillman@joshhillman.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 12:56:24 -0400
To: <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-ID: <018c01cd6a86$6c91f880$45b5e980$@com>
When using http://validator.w3.org to validate HTML 4.01 Strict (and
possibly others) by using direct input, the "non SGML character number" (133
in this particular case) is reported appropriately when a character outside
the accepted range is encountered, however the "character entity" link
referenced in the error description appears to be outdated.  The "character
entity" link references character entity documentation for HTML 3:

Shouldn't the link reference character entity documentation for HTML


-- Begin quoted validation error --
non SGML character number

You have used an illegal character in your text. HTML uses the standard
UNICODE Consortium character repertoire, and it leaves undefined (among
others) 65 character codes (0 to 31 inclusive and 127 to 159 inclusive) that
are sometimes used for typographical quote marks and similar in proprietary
character sets. The validator has found one of these undefined characters in
your document. The character may appear on your browser as a curly quote, or
a trademark symbol, or some other fancy glyph; on a different computer,
however, it will likely appear as a completely different character, or
nothing at all. 

Your best bet is to replace the character with the nearest equivalent ASCII
character, or to use an appropriate character entity. For more information
on Character Encoding on the web, see Alan Flavell's excellent HTML
Character Set Issues reference. 

This error can also be triggered by formatting characters embedded in
documents by some word processors. If you use a word processor to edit your
HTML documents, be sure to use the "Save as ASCII" or similar command to
save the document without formatting information.
-- End quoted validation error --
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