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Suggestions for your Validator from a HTML Idiot

From: Albert Dodd <rockiedodd871@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 07:50:22 -0500
Message-ID: <CAJZmCz_QWGqj1Haow=jwWMKKCNfvRMFtL9e+sics6LwiRwA-Sg@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org

My name is Albert Dodd. I have a Blog with Blogger. And am trying to
validate and fix the errors within it. Now her's the Problem I am having
and have run across several post that really feel the same way.

We are not Programmers!!!

We do not have the unearthliest idea of what you are describing. Now I
myself have tinkered with html just to get some of my links and some other
add-ons to work after doing some research. But when it comes to your
validator I am just completely clueless of where to start and what to fix.
Now I have noticed that you list what is wrong and somewhere we are suppose
click on something that leads us to somewhere else that is suppose to give
us the correct use. Phew!!! that was a long sentence and that is how I feel
your validator works.

I myself went to my blogger blog went to the template section copied my
original code. Then I went to where you listed the source code yourself and
copied it. Then I went to the Tidy version and copied it. After having all
3 in front of me I started seeing some things that were different. But that
still did not help me. What I really needed was for all 3 of them to
Highlight the area's that were causing the error's.

I know you guys must the Best in the Industry, otherwise Google would not
of Partnered with you. And with all your combined resources I believe that
you guys could come up with my proposal for a tool that is easily readable,
functional, practical, and useful. Now I am not a rocket scientist or a
lawyer or a doctor. I am a welder from Louisiana, that has 2 kids and works
in my spare time to make money online to help with bills. Enough with that,
let me tell you what I think the Newest version should and will look like
and how it works.

First of all your programmers need to get it setup where the main output
page has 3 dividers.

1) On the left and first screen: The source code from the original site
itself. Either it can be retrieved or input by copy and paste.

2) In the middle and second screen: The source code from your retrieval
that you do right now.

3) In the right and third screen: The source code from Tidy cleanup

With all 3 screens open they should have highlighted the error area's. The
highlighted area in the screen to the right and the 3rd screen, the Tidy
cleaned up version should display the correct code and how it needs to be
placed. What a person should be able to do is look at all 3 see the
difference and be able to correct the problem with out a Degree from Devry
Institute for computer programmer.

As a suggestion the user should have a separate screen down at the bottom
where they can use to move their code to once they have made changes and
removed the error's and replaced them with the correct code. I say this
because they will have to after correcting and moving it down to the
correct area, it still has to be re verified. After they re verified it
then they can copy and paste it into their html editor.

Also remember that blog's from blogger do not accept some versions cause of
the ( ?? ) factor. And are not allowed to alter the original html code.

That is my Suggestion. If you need me come on over and help design the New
Version from an Idiot's point of view, then by all means I am available.
Provided the compensation is correct.

Albert Dodd

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