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Re: getting "end tag for "ul" which is not finished" for white space? ul tag closes on next line

From: Cindy Sue Causey <butterflybytes@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 13:58:52 -0400
Message-ID: <dbdb69c90806041058s34461c34hdd8bc1d15203b65f@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Brian Achille" <summaestudio@gmail.com>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org

On 6/4/08, Brian Achille <summaestudio@gmail.com> wrote:
>  I tried validating http://summaestudio.com and got this message:
>         Line 218, Column 32:         end tag for "ul" which is not finished.
>                                                <ul id="recentcomments"></ul>

Hi, Brian..

Took a quick guess that it was complaining there was no "li", no list
in there.. Does validate if you add an empty one to it..

Cindy :)

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