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Distorted html problem

From: Jack Donald <professionallearner@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 18:26:21 +0530
Message-ID: <d02f235b0802290456v3b9a555an8096d29b0e17c39b@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org
Dear Sir/Madam

I  am creating the html from our code using language c#.net in asp.net using
version 1.1 for sending the mail to our customers. It works fine in our
local host. But when we upload in live server, html formatted email gets
distorted. Sometimes it shows extra </td>, sometimes it shows extra space
between words and sometimes it does not display the image properly. We are
validating in the html in the site:
http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input. It is validating properly. But
when we upload the same thing in live server, there is distortion in the
email text. If there is a hyperlink, space(%20) is creating in the URL
address. That's why user cannot redirect to the desired link.

I have attached some sample mail where there is distortion in the mail. The
rendered html has some extra characters like '&lt; /td&gt;' which are not
writing in our code.

I think it is converting '<' to ''&lt;' and '>' to '&gt;'. Can we prevent

We are wondering why this distortion comes from the live server.

All above issues are not in our local host.

It will be great help if you have any solution for this.



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