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3 valdiating issues

From: Matan Heimann <matan.heimann@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 19:28:24 +1000
Message-ID: <4402C638.4080702@gmail.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org

My name is Matan Heimann & I am a hobby website builder.

I recently tried to validate the main web page of my website; at first I 
had around 50 errors, I decided I will fix them one by one & I did. Now 
I only got 3 errors more.

Those errors are unexplained & I couldn't find anything of the sort on 
the database of issues.

Firstly, here is the address for the web page I am trying to validate - 

Now, to the errors:
1. /Line 78 column 157/: there is no attribute "ALLOWTRANSPARENCY".
Ummm... As far as I know, the attribute "ALLOWTRANSPARENCY" is only used 
in iframes (and that's where it is in my web page). I tried to achieve 
the same result via CSS using the "overflow:hidden;" & it works! But 
only for Firefox 1.5+ and not work for IE 6.x+ (I tried only these two 
IE only accepts the attribute when it appears inside the iFrame tag.

2. /Line 78 column 176/: there is no attribute "ONMOUSEOVER".
I realise that it's not an HTML attribute, but it does function and I 
really have no idea how to make it work properly otherwise.
Also, it seems that if I try to work more complicated scripts that 
operate the marquee, Firefox doesn't react with them well.

3. /Line 78 column 244/: there is no attribute "ONMOUSEOUT".
Same thing as paragraph "2".

I tried removing these and the validation goes perfectly! However, my 
web page scrambles and doesn't function well at all.
If you want to try different code variations I hereby allow you to copy 
the code and distribute it to as many people as you want via any medium, 
I don't really care.

Also, please notice that I did not as of yet validated the other pages 
(including the iFrames) that include the website nor the CSS so don't 
even both checking them.

I would appreciate a response at all, with no regards to the length of 
time it takes you people at the "Validation Team" to give it to me.

Have a good week,
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