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Re: Parsing HREFs?

From: Frank Ellermann <nobody@xyzzy.claranet.de>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 00:59:31 +0100
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <43F90663.71C1@xyzzy.claranet.de>

David Håsäther wrote:

>> are you telling me that this is another SGML oddity I've
>> never before heard of, an IMPLIEDSEMICOLON=YES maybe ?

> Yes. The semicolon, or REFC (reference close), can be
> omitted if the reference is followed by a character that
> cannot occur in the reference.

> In Jukka's example, the equals sign cannot occur in the
> reference, so REFC will be implied before it.

Fascinating.  So my "historically interesting browser" is
actually trying to do the right thing in this case, and it
was unfortunately a "near miss".

As often with SGML I'm _very_ happy about my decision to
start with XHTML 1.0 instead of HTML 4.  Thanks for info.

                        Bye, Frank
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