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Think global
We at Nous Netcraft, believe that technology and its benefits belong to society. We are assisting people and serving them Information Technology in order to better empower them. We are providing all the services under one roof. We are committed to provide solutions that are best match for your needs at affordable prices.

 Startup package

Startup packages

  • personal web pages
  • family package
  • entry level site for small business

These packages includes all services you may need at startup.

  • domain name
  • web hosting
  • free emails
  • design and development


Corporate package

Corporate packages

This package is designed while keeping in mind the requirements of a small to medium size business. It facilitate you to project your products and company as well as enables your customers to send you queries and feedbacks. You are provided with appropriate web interface to manage customer feedbacks. Of course, there are email accounts, hosting, domains, search engine submission and many more services are bundled with this package.


 Customized packages

We design customized solution for specific needs of your business. We will assist you in all the phases to make sure that you will get exactly what you are looking for. 
Customised packages

We perform

  • system analysis, design

  • system development and implementation

  • network support

  • maintenance and updating

You don't need to bother about hosting, emails, search engines etc because you will get all services you require.


Online transaction

Online transactions

We enables you to become a global player by enabling you to receive online payments and to sell products online.

  • e commerce

  • online trading
  • payment gateway integration


 Special packages
Special packages

  • gems and jewelry
  • handicraft
  • education
  • tour and travel
  • real state
  • NGO's and social welfare (special rebates applicable)


Renewal services
Renewel services

If your website does not look as professional or visually appealing as you want, we can help you by redesigning it entirely or partly. We provide monitoring and maintenance services to keep your site up to date.

  • redesigning services

  • updating services



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