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Re: Possible bug in validator (Please CC responses, not on mailing list)

From: Philip TAYLOR <P.Taylor@Rhul.Ac.Uk>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 12:54:23 +0000
Message-ID: <437B2BFF.7040407@Rhul.Ac.Uk>
To: "www-validator@w3.org" <www-validator@w3.org>
CC: segin <segin11@yahoo.com>

And/or buy a copy of /Cascading Style Sheets/
("Designing for the Web") by H&aring;kon Wium Lie
and Bert Bos.  I cannot imagine life without my
copy ...

Philip Taylor
Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> segin wrote:
>> I've tried CSS... it's hell of a lot confusing... which is why it's
>> called Confusing Style Sheets.
> Don't give up on learning CSS just because it seems difficult.  With the 
> exception of browser support issues, CSS is actually very easy.  Find 
> yourself a few good tutorials and start small.  Alternatively, you could 
> do as I did and dive straight into the CSS spec; but not everyone's 
> comfortable with learning that way.
> After about 6-12 months (depending on the time and effort you put in), 
> you could be managing complex CSS layouts with ease and never look back 
> to tables for layout.
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