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Re: Upload Page Validation.

From: David Dorward <david@dorward.me.uk>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 21:50:52 +0000
To: Abyss <info@abyss.ws>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <1101678652.9688.4.camel@dnd>

On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 08:44 +1100, Abyss wrote:
> I did not know if this was a bug, probably not, more of an error on my part, 
> but this is what I get when I upload a file for validation
> "Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because its content type is 
> text/plain,

It is a bug ... but not in the Validator. Windows XP Service Pack 2
broke Internet Explorer. Try a decent webbrowser such as any member of
the Mozilla family (Firefox is good) or Opera.
David Dorward <http://dorward.me.uk/>
Received on Sunday, 28 November 2004 21:50:37 UTC

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