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Re: No "target" allowed

From: Bernhard Kraft <kraftb@mokka.at>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 10:10:01 +0200
Message-ID: <40B6F3D9.7040506@mokka.at>
To: www-validator@w3.org

David Dorward wrote:

> The target attribute can be considered logical or presentational. It
> can't be considered to describe the data, thus it is deprecated in HTML
> 4.01 and does not appear in the Strict DTD.

So the sense in this is that HTML 4.01 tries to remove all attributes
which specify style and just allow tags and their specific attributes
which describe the content, i.e. for accessability

>>how else could one programm a website where users can
>>click links belonging to the website which shouldn't
>>open a new window.
> <a href="foo">. The default is target="_self". You would only need to
> use _top if you were working in a frameset. There are numerous reasons
> why you should not use frames, but if you do you should use the
> Transitional DTD for the documents to be loaded into them

I know that I shouldn't use frames and normally don't do it ...

>> and links going to "outside"
>>pages where the target should be _blank.
> Why should links to other sites force a new window on the user? Browsers
> contain perfectly good methods that allow a user to open a new window if
> they so choose.
> Unfortunately I have lost the reference, but I recently saw a report
> written after observing users testing a website. Some links opened new
> windows to Amazon.com - this caused a significant number of users great
> difficulty because the back button was greyed out.

So some usability studies returned a result for a long question of mine.
If I really should open links to external pages in a new window ...
I personally never had a decision on this but my boss wants me to make
links like this, so "our" website stays open.

>>Isn't Strict a little bit too strict ???
> No. IMO it isn't strict enough as it still contains such presentational
> elements as <b> and <i>.

would it be better do use a <span class="text-needs-to-be-bold">Text</span> ?

Bernhard Kraft

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