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Webserver mangles code (was Re: [VE][79] New Error Message Suggestion)

From: David Dorward <david@dorward.me.uk>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 21:12:43 +0100
To: Dessi Bravo <bravo6647@nyc.rr.com>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <1085429563.8357.12.camel@localhost>

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 21:01, Dessi Bravo wrote:
> I believe that my page is free from errors and a vallid xhtml page. But 
> when using your validator it only points to errors committed by the server. 

It doesn't matter if you produced the errors, or if they were added
after you uploaded it to your webserver. The document presented to the
user has errors in it.

> Now, in order to get the questioned page totally free from errors even from 
> the server generating these errors, what can I do to eliminate it. 

Get decent hosting.

> All my coding complies with the W3C specification. 

You document doesn't.

Now, your subject claims that you are going to make a new error message
suggestion, but you don't appear to have done. Please use appropriate
subject lines.

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