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Re: design

From: alex <alex@alexkeeny.com>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 14:49:22 -0700
Message-Id: <BB29F534-A202-11D8-8726-000A95D06FB6@alexkeeny.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org

NOTE: i sent this to olivier already, but i wasn't paying attention and 
didn't realize i didn't send it to the whole list.

thought i'd share my thoughts in regards to yours

> - like a lot your modifications to the typography

that was my main focus.. make it as easy as possible to read.

> but am not fond of / convinced by (yet)
> - the top banner (but I'm not objective, I like the tree/banana theme)

i can't see the point of the images, other than to make the page load 
longer on my modem. is there a purpose for the images?

> - the fact that the revalidation box takes so much space, hence making 
> the (in)valid banner too low - one has to scroll

i agree, but i think that the revalidation form is a vital part to the 
page which should be styled as thus.  i tried to cut it's height as 
much as possible, but i could probably do more.

> - the "help wanted" paragraph takes a bit too much space - but making 
> the text shorter is on my TODO list anyway

in this redesign, i left the html as-is, but if i were to change it, i 
would change the help message.  i think it's too redundant to have it 
everywhere on the page.  i think it would be better to have it once on 
the page and anchor a help wanted link where it would be.

thanks for at least looking at it!
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