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checklink: problem regarding _foreign module

From: Pinnaka, Muralikrishna <PinnakaM5757@cl.uh.edu>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 00:14:15 -0500
Message-ID: <EE4C4AC43C25764290A3AFC767EB696A3FEA0E@b3308-32814.cl.uh.edu>
To: "'www-validator@w3.org'" <www-validator@w3.org>

I was working on the checklink for our project, but repeatedly got the
following error when checked against any page containing javascript. 


We have all modules available on the machine, including the URI::_foreign

We have downloaded the source code from your website. But through the web
interface on your site it works properly.


Your help is highly appreciated.


Following is the error I received.



[capf3gp7@plum Source]$ ./checklink.pl -D 2 http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7

W3C checklink version (c) 1999-2003 W3C

GET http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7

GET http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/  fetched in 0.1s


Processing      http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/index.html



 done (195 lines in 0.0s).

Checking anchors...


Checking link http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/ProjectInformation.html

GET http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/ProjectInformation.html  fetched in 0.0s


 done (255 lines in 0.0s).

Checking link

HEAD http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/weekly_status_reports.gif
fetched in 0.0s

Checking link http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/mentors.gif

HEAD http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/mentors.gif  fetched in 0.0s

Checking link http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/WCT.swf

HEAD http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/WCT.swf  fetched in 0.0s

Checking link

HEAD http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/project_information.gif
fetched in 0.0s

Checking link http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/reports.gif

HEAD http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/reports.gif  fetched in 0.0s

Checking link http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/technologies.gif

HEAD http://dcm.cl.uh.edu/capf3gp7/IMAGES/menu/technologies.gif  fetched in

Checking link javascript:%20hideshow('deliverables')

HEAD javascript:%20hideshow('deliverables') Can't locate object method
"host" via package "URI::_foreign" (perhaps you forgot to load
"URI::_foreign"?) at ./checklink.pl line 1620.



Thank you in advance


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