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Re: Idea for the validators

From: cirrus <cirrus@linuxgames.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 18:12:15 +0000
Message-ID: <3F25677F.DEDDEEC@linuxgames.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org

Hello, me again!
Just reading the archive to see what people are saying in response to my

As regards Jukka's comments I have to say I don't agree.
Maybe I worded my suggestion in a bad way and you got the wrong idea.

I am of the opinion that sticking to the standards is very important. I
know most don't - but in an ideal world if web authors made w3C
compliant pages (and I don't mean ones that *just* validate - I mean
using mark-up correctly and not abusing tables and so on) and
web-browsers supported them well we'd all be better off.

Users would be able to use any browser they wish without needing to
worry about getting locked out of sites that claim to require a specific
browser. Especially users with disabilities would be better off.

Authors would no longer need to worry about the discrepancies between
browsers - they could rest assured if they stuck to the standard their
page should work. And if it doesn't it's the browser's fault. (well - I
guess that's the case anyway, but thanks to the way the market is
divided most can't afford to ignore IE, which let's face it doesn't do a
brilliant job on some of the standards)

Now unfortunately we've got a situation where most web-designers don't
stick to the standards and instead just worry about making something
that looks good in IE (or whatever the browser of day is). Most users
are using IE and often don't even realise that there are other browsers
out there.

In my opinion in order to make any real difference you need to raise
awareness of standards. If (and I realise this is a big IF) you could
make the average joe care about standards, if they saw a W3C tick on a
page and thoughtto themselves "Oh cool, this page is well made and
probably works in all kinds of browsers and gimzos" - then you might
make a difference.

My validator suggestion follows from there. There's little point just
having some fixed page promoting standards - you'd end up with lots of
people linking to it that don't actually follow the standards - but if
the page is actually a validator and checks your page then you can't

Anyway, it seems something like this is already in the works so it's all
good! ^_^



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