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erroneous error in validator?

From: Jeremy M. Dolan <jmd@pobox.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 12:53:46 -0600
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <20021231185346.GA1294@foozle.attbi.com>

I have an HTML 4.01 strict web page. I was using white-space: nowrap;
to format these table cells for some time, until I viewed my page from
MSIE 5.0 and discovered it was ignoring that formating instruction.

I added the "nowrap" HTML attr to the <td>, which makes the page
render properly in both Microsoft and standards-based browsers, but
the MarkUp Validation Service seems to think this is an outright

  # Line 36, column 13:  "NOWRAP" is not a member of a group specified
    for any attribute  (explain...).

       <td nowrap>0-425-16129-3</td>

But the HTML 4.01 spec says nowrap is still a valid attr for the td
element, just deprecated. And I still have the CSS white-space: line
active for the hypothetical browser that doesn't render deprecated

Should this really be invalidating my page? Is there no way I can get
table cells not to wrap in IE, while retaining HTML 4.01 strict

I don't see anything in the spec that says deprecated features aren't
allowed in the strict doctype, only that they may be removed from
future versions, and are optional for the UA. (Which again is fine,
since it has backup from CSS).

If you could be so kind, Cc me in replies, as I'm not subscribed.


Jeremy M. Dolan <mailto:jmd@pobox.com> <http://jmd.us/>
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